Fragility and Resilience

We take a proactive approach to addressing Fragility and Resilience within the Somali context. Understanding the inherent fragility of societal and governance structures in Somalia, the Institute embarks on a mission to bolster resilience among communities and institutions.


By fostering a deeper understanding of the existing vulnerabilities, the Institute engages in capacity-building initiatives, training programs, and advocacy campaigns aimed at enhancing the ability of both individuals and institutions to withstand and recover from adversities.


Furthermore, through a blend of research, dialogue, and field engagements, the Institute crafts strategies to transition from fragility to resilience, promoting a culture of adaptability and strength.


By collaborating with local, national, and international stakeholders, the Institute aspires to create a robust framework that not only mitigates the impacts of external shocks but also promotes sustainable development and long-term peace in Somalia.


Through its dedicated efforts in the realm of Fragility and Resilience, the Harmony Institute of Peace is forging a path toward a more stable, resilient, and prosperous Somali society.