Civilian-Military Relations

We offer a structured platform for fostering improved Civilian-Military Relations, which is crucial in building trust and promoting stability within the Somali society.


By facilitating dialogue, understanding, and cooperation between civilian institutions and military entities, the Institute endeavors to bridge the historical divides that have hindered collective progress.


Through various engagement programs and advocacy initiatives, the Institute promotes transparency, accountability, and mutual respect which are fundamental for the establishment of a democratic and peaceful societal framework.


Furthermore, through rigorous research and analysis, the Institute provides insightful recommendations to enhance Civilian-Military Relations, ensuring that both entities operate synergistically towards common national objectives.


This service is not only pivotal in promoting peace and security but also instrumental in advancing democratic governance and human rights observance.


By nurturing a culture of respect and collaboration, the Harmony Institute of Peace plays a pivotal role in shaping a conducive environment for holistic development and lasting peace in Somalia.