The Harmony Institute of Peace endeavors to navigate through the complex socio-political landscape of Somalia by delving into pivotal issue areas.

These areas are meticulously chosen to address the nuanced challenges and opportunities within the Somali context, laying the groundwork for constructive dialogue, informed policy making, and sustainable peacebuilding initiatives.

Through a harmonized approach, the Institute aims to foster a conducive environment for democracy, justice, and societal resilience, steering Somalia towards a path of enduring peace and development.

Civilian-Military Relations

We offer a structured platform for fostering improved Civilian-Military Relations, which is crucial in building trust and promoting stability within the Somali society.

Conflict Analysis and Prevention

We engage in meticulous Conflict Analysis and Prevention, aiming to understand the root causes and dynamics of conflicts within Somali society.

Democracy and Governance:

We champion the cause of Democracy and Governance, recognizing them as the bedrock of a peaceful and prosperous


We are deeply committed to addressing and mitigating Electoral Violence, a critical concern in fostering democratic processes in Somalia.

Fragility and Resilience

We take a proactive approach to addressing Fragility and Resilience within the Somali context. Understanding the inherent fragility of societal and governance.

Justice, Security, and Rule of Law

We place a significant emphasis on Gender equality as a conduit for societal harmony and sustainable development in


Through community dialogues, healing circles, and educational programs, the Institute facilitates the process of reconciliation among individuals, communities, and different societal groups.

Violent Extremism

We are committed to countering Violent Extremism, a pressing issue that threatens peace and stability in Somalia. Through research, community engagement, and advocacy


We recognize the Youth as a vital demographic that holds the promise of a peaceful and progressive Somalia. By engaging with the youth, the Institute aims to harness their potential

Peace Processes

Through engaging with local communities, governmental bodies, and international partners, the Institute strives to initiate and sustain dialogues that address the root causes of conflicts.

Mediation, Negotiation, and Dialogue

We embrace Mediation, Negotiation, and Dialogue as vital tools for conflict resolution and peacebuilding in Somalia.